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At just 17 months Stella Rogers was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer known as Neuroblastoma MYC-N amplified (high risk). The tumour had originated in her adrenal gland and had grown to a large size.

Her initial treatment involved aggressive chemotherapy, major surgery to remove the tumour, a stem cell harvest and transplant, three weeks of radiotherapy, and six months of oral chemotherapy at the Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton.


To give Stella the best chance of survival, parents John and Allison pursued further treatment in the US which needed to commence no later than 100 days after her stem cell transplant.

Quoted at £250,000, the Rogers family began frantically fundraising alongside the Neuroblastoma Alliance UK (formerly The2Simple Trust) to get the funds needed for Stella’s treatment.

In February of 2010, Stella went to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for ch14.18 antibody treatment combined with cytokines (GMCSF and IL2).


After arriving in Philadelphia, Stella underwent a range of testing including x-rays, scans, and bone marrow biopsies where results found her original site and bone marrow clear of cancer.

Daily injections of the immune system boosting drug GM-CSF were administered followed by two rounds of antibody treatment. Throughout treatment tests continued to show that Stella had no visible signs of cancer present in her body.


In August of 2010 Stella’s test results showed that she was in remission. The final bill for Stella’s treatment was £215,000 – £35,000 less than the original quote mainly because Stella defied all odds and did require did not require any intensive care.

Stella now has regular scans and tests in the UK to check that she remains in remission.


Since returning to the U.K. in August 2010 Stella has re-started the process of growing up. She is extremely proud of her new blonde curly hair and loves going to nursery school to play with her friends. She often talks about America and does seem to understand that lots of kind people helped to get her medicine.

For the full story see About Stella.


Stella is in remission but faces a lifelong battle with this disease. Stella's fundraising appeal remains active with money raised going to help her or other children in the future.

Allison, Stella's mum, helps others faced with a similar situation and is a parent Trustee of Neuroblastoma Alliance U.K.

John, Stella's dad, is also heavily involved in supporting parents through their daily struggle with Neuroblastoma.


Although Stella is currently in remission, sometimes this cancer can come back. If this were to happen then she may need to return to America for more treatment.

All proceeds from the sale of Chris Bradford's book, Ninja. First mission, are being donated to help her fight and win.


The Neuroblastoma Childrens Cancer Alliance (formerly The 2Simple Trust) have supported the Rogers family throughout their fundraising efforts. Crucially they made sure that finances were in place in time for Stella to start her treatment in Philadelphia, U.S.A.

This is the website for friends and family of Stella Rogers, for the official site, please click on the logo below:

The Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Alliance UK (registered charity number 1135601) raises money to benefit children suffering from neuroblastoma, to fund research into neuroblastoma, and to achieve other charitable purposes which seek to assist children suffering from neuroblastoma. The charity welcomes general donations and donations to designated appeals. You can find out more about our work at