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For Stella


Stella has always been described as a “Little fighter.” She looked so frail and tiny lying in such a big hospital bed yet there were many times during her cancer battle that she just refused to give up. You could see the determination in her face.

Although Stella is currently in remission, sometimes this cancer can come back. If this were to happen then she may need to return to America for more treatment.

Stella will need to stay strong and fight a battle for the rest of her life as the intense treatment that she has undergone leaves long term side effects.

All proceeds from the sale of Chris Bradford’s book, Ninja. First mission, are being donated to help her fight and win.

During his travels, Chris volunteered for Raleigh International, a charity that provides adventurous and challenging expeditions for young people. This is where he met Allison (Stella’s mum) who was a volunteer medic and Sarah, who was to become his wife! A strong friendship was formed and the Bradford’s generously continue to support Stella.

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